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Wonderful Car Shape Cake

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This cake was black Forest Flavour made in the shape of a car which is very spectacular in appearance.  This is especially designed for children. Its color is Red. In this car, two eyes of the car have also been shown which will bring double happiness on the face of the children. We hope that whomever you send this Beautiful and Amazing Car, they will like it Very Much. Its cake is very Delicious and yum-yum. Different shapes and sizes are also available .  so Pls call & Whatsapp 8269305407 


  • Delivery In 2 Hr Delivery In 2 Hr
  • Order On Call Or Any Query 7985686558 (10 am-11 Pm) Order On Call Or Any Query 7985686558 (10 am-11 Pm)
  • Fresh and Eggless Cake Fresh and Eggless Cake


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Fruit Cake

Surprise your loved one with an impeccable taste of fruit flavor. Enjoy the blissful feast loaded with seasonal fruits, creams, and layers of moist cake with fruity toppings on it. The desire of having fruits dipped in melting cream is the reason of wonderful cake. Cherries, grapes, pomegranate, Orange, Apple and many other fruits are dipped lusciously and add extra flavor to this cake. This gracefully prepared fruit is also available in eggless style. Fresh fruit cake is a wonderful cake loaded with fresh fruits that will enliven your occasion. It is dipped into luscious grapes to create a fruity touch. This cake is garnished with grapes and pineapples. This is the best gift for a fruit lover buddy. 

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